George Kallis Autumn 2019

Title song ‘I’ll Wait For You’

I’ll Wait For You has been nominated at the HMMA awards, the World Soundtrack Awards and the Jerry Goldsmith Awards in 2019 and now is in the 40 songs contending for the academy awards! (source: Next Best Picture!) Hope you enjoy the song below as it appears in the ending credits in the film!

Theme from BREAKING FREE (Mock up VS Live Orchestra)

My latest film was Breaking Free for producer Steve Gukas and director Ramsey.  I placed a lot of effort in programming the mock up cues, since initially they were supposed to be the final versions, but our producers added a budget to record the important cues with a live string orchestra. The mock up with samples is presented first and then the live orchestra version at 0.39. What do you think?

Theme from LEV YASHIN (Mock up VS Live Orchestra)

Lev Yashin is the upcoming sports biopic about the superstar goalkeeper of the 60s (the only goalkeeper ever to win a Ballon d’Or Award). We always knew we would be recording the whole score with a live orchestra and choir so the mock-ups were presented as demos to the director and producer. Live orchestra and choir is at 1.04 .








Recipient of the Jerry Goldsmith Award and the International Film Music Critics Award, George Kallis’s scores span the globe. 

George has just finished the score for ‘The Last Warrior: The Root of Evil’ for Walt Disney Pictures CIS and the soundtrack will be released on Walt Disney Records. Previously he scored the biopic sports drama ‘Lev Yashin’ about the superstar goalkeeper, and the black comedy ‘Gutterbee’, directed by Ulrich Thomsen. His score and title song ‘I’ll Wait for You’ for ‘Cliffs of Freedom’, starring Christopher Plummer and Billy Zane, received positive reviews and an award nomination at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards.

Disney’ live-action fantasy ‘The Last Warrior’, earned George the Jerry Goldsmith Award  for Best Music for a Feature Film. His other work includes the family adventure ‘Albion The Enchanted Stallion’ starring John Cleese, Debra Messing, and Jennifer Morrison which earned him the ‘Breakthrough Composer of the Year’ award at the International Film Music Critics Awards.

George has written TV music for Emmy and Bafta award-winning programs, such as the opening titles music for BBC ‘Horizon’, for its 40th-anniversary celebration, and ‘My Life’ on CBBC. His commercial work includes music for brands such as McDonald’s, Mitsubishi, Lexus and Toshiba, and trailer music includes placements with Mandela Long Walk To Freedom, The Visit and 47 Ronin.

Other accolades include ‘Best Music and Sound Design’ at the Los Angeles Film Awards for the historical drama ‘The Black Prince’ (2017) and ‘Best Score Award’ at the Underground Cinema Festival for ‘Blight’ (2017). He has been nominated twice for an ‘African Academy Movie Award’ for his scores ’93 Days’ (2017), starring Danny Glover, and ‘A Place in the Stars’ (2015).

George was born on the island of Cyprus where musically west meets east. The international musical influences helped him become an expert in global music, having composed scores for over 25 films produced in the US, UK, Russia, Denmark, Nigeria, Greece, Armenia and India. He has studied film composition at Berklee College of Music with a masters degree in composition from The Royal College of Music.