It is a score that is overflowing with a powerful and lush musical persona. There is a grandiose feel to it in places almost epic in fact, but through the proud thematic material there are glimpses of intimacy, poignancy and a sense of the personal and melancholy…Recommended.

— Jon Mansell


…a wonderful surprise whenever I come across a contemporary film score that is not afraid to engage in emotion, features beautiful and lyrical melodies, and which uses a symphony orchestra to the fullest extent… his music is so good, a winning combination of warmth and heart and compositional musical excellence”

Jonathan Broxton


“The Last Warrior: Root of Evil is a superb, rich, thematically dense, action packed score for orchestra and chorus, which demands repeated listens…”    – Jon Broxton


I could go on and on about this score – the interplay between themes, the outstanding use of all the different part of the orchestra, the different types of voices and choirs – but I think you get my point. This is one of the most enjoyable and entertaining fantasy scores of the year

— Jon Broxton


Full of stride, without fear, positive and optimistic; the music has moments when it just takes over and inspires me, make me want to rise from my chair and help the characters. I am just delighted at the end of this album as the standalone listening experience is about as enjoyable and rewarding as it gets for this genre. Do not miss this one.

— Mihnea Manduteanu


Driving strings set the pace and rounded sounding brass keep the momentum, whilst percussion adds a pounding and rhythmic underscore to the proceedings…as the grand and driving theme melts away into a more dramatic, apprehensive and mystical sounding piece…returning to a rousing and martial sounding musical persona, which includes flyaway sounding woods that are wispy and filled with energy and give the impression of speed as the theme thunders along…Although I have not seen the movie in its full version, I feel I have via listening to George Kallis’s highly thematic, romantic and commanding score.

— John Mansell

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