The Danish vampire series has been a hit in Scandinavia and we have just wrapped up the final episode which will be shown next month. It was interesting going backĀ and forth from the year 1666 to our times which enabled me to write both classically and in a modern way as well. Here is a quick cue example from the final episode:

[jwplayer mediaid=”2180″]


Although the score was composed nearly 2 years ago, ‘A Place in the Stars’ had it’s premiere with great reviews. I had a great time recording the music with the Budapest Symphony Orchestra in Hungary. The movie explores corruption in Nigeria through a young lawyer being lured into an underground fake drugs network. Here is the final cue from the movie:

[jwplayer mediaid=”2205″]

OPERATOR (Feature)

operator_artI am currently scoring the ā€œOperatorā€ directed by Emmy award winners Brother Olson and starring Ving Rhames, Mischa Barton and Luke Goss and directed . The film is a beat-the-clock action-thriller about a 911 operator and her estranged cop husband whose daughter is abducted, forcing them to dispatch the cityā€™s police and fire units to remote locations at the kidnapperā€™s bidding.











CTRL (Web Series)

Facebook Banner4CTRL is a brilliant web series about a hacker working under cover with police in an elite hacktivistĀ group in order toĀ be released. Will he switch sides?







SHORT FUSE (Feature)

10882316_816313281761160_2008575361942204101_nCasted with Greece’s most prominent actors, SHORT FUSE is an action-thriller produced by George Zakk (Chronicles of Riddick, Riddick, XxX) and will hit theaters in Greece in June 2015.Ā The score is still in progress and will be mixed with heavy electronica and orchestral-music elements!