M¬†Night Shyamalan’s ‘The Visit’

Being a huge fan of M¬†Night Shyamalan’s earlier works I was very excited that music from my Superior Music Audio collection¬†was licensed¬†for the trailer of his new horror ‘The Visit’. ¬†It’s a track full of musical sound design and provides a chilling soundscapes from the middle until the end of the trailer. Check it out and sleep tight after 930!

[jwplayer mediaid=”2266″]

Orchestral Recordings for romcom ‘All That Jam’

Had a great time recording recording a 60 piece orchestral for the romantic comedy ‘All That Jam’. Here’s an excerpt from the raw recordings as they were happening captured on the iPhone! Not bad for a mono sound! ūüėČ

[jwplayer mediaid=”2281″]

Film Noir Score for ‘Call of the Void’

Call of the Void is directed by Dustin Kahia, and is  a suspense film noir exploring self-destructive thoughts, and the cost of refusing help.   Here is a dramatic string orchestra cue from the score:

[jwplayer mediaid=”2306″]

Horror music for ‘Blight’

Blight is a horror a short film funded by the Irish Film Council and directed by Brian Dean. We used a classical bass soloist as well as a solo violin which greatly added to the choral chanting elements of the final cue!  Enjoy a medley of the opening and closing credits showcasing these elements.

[jwplayer mediaid=”2307″]


The music I composed for the Mitsubishi Pajero campaign last year has been re-licensed for another year by Mitsubishi. You probably caught it on TV but if not -here it is!

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11048692_10153711422629746_5934209599821788850_oBehind the Mirror has been awarded best thriller in the Manhattan Film Festival. Congrats to director Minos Papas and writer/exec. producer Nicolas Sampson!