Music for the Vampire series ‘HEARTLESS’!

I thoroughly enjoyed spending the beginning of the year scoring ‘Heartless’, a vampire series with a twist which will premiere on Scandinavian TV in April. The show goes back and forth to the middle ages and gave me the opportunity to score music with both orchestral and electronic influences which made the process fun as I had many musical colours to choose from. You can check out a quick snippet from the score called “Drowning”, featuring soprano Ayana Haviv in her “ethnic” character.

[jwplayer mediaid=”1937″]



‘Gagarin FIrst in Space’ top 10

I was delighted that various soundtrack magazines and websites including soundtrackgeeks, sci-fi online, Movie Music UK and Cinema Musica have voted Gagarin First in Space as part of the 10 best scores for 2013!  From the soundtrack,  track number 20 underscoring Gagarin’s descent back to earth. The CD is available for purchasing at all major music outlets as well as online music stores.

[jwplayer mediaid=”1994″]


’47 RONIN’ and New Trailer Music Collection

The track ‘Dawn of Wrath’ published by my trailer music house SUPERIOR MUSIC AUDIO was used in December for the new worldwide TV-trailers of the new epic adventure ’47 Ronin’, starring Keanu Reaves. This directed me to embelish more of this type of music with a new music collection which focuses on rocktronica and sound-design called Distort-Elektrik. You can check out a 1 minute medley here:

[jwplayer mediaid=”1934″]


Music for Two Short Films

trIt’s always very rewarding to collaborate with exciting new filmmakers. I managed to squeeze in two short films this winter, the horror “Transfer” by Vibol Hunter and Eliciana Nascimento’s brazilian drama “The Summer of Gods featuring my good friend Socrates Leptos on classical guitar.