It was a real honour for me to score the biopic of the first man in orbit. ‘Gagarin First in Space’ is the story of ¬†cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin who first circled the globe in 1961. The $10mil. movie was produced by Oleg Kapanets and directed by Pavel Parkhomenko. It has already premiered theatres in Moscow (with Gagarin’s family present), and ¬†an international¬†Blu-ray release will follow soon.

I was particularly pleased to record the Russian State Symphonic Orchestra and Choir for the score. The soundtrack has just been released by Movie Score Media and has received some great reviews!

So here is a taste. The first track underscores Gagarin’s descent back to Earth and the second the finale real-footage montage sang by the Choir.

¬†[jwplayer config=”audio” mediaid=”1294″]

[jwplayer config=”audio” mediaid=”1359″]



Lou Ferante’s (ex Gabino Mafia Family) presents this amazing series which explores gangs from New Mexico to Poland. I scored the music for the series, working with four different directors and series producer¬†Kim¬†Flitcroft for NERD TV. It’s airing on Discovery worldwide right now! Here is the main title music and the trailer:

[jwplayer config=”audio” mediaid=”1336″]

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Scoring the African film ” A PLACE IN THE STARS

This wonderful film is directed by Steve Gukas and will be released next year. ¬†A young man with a nagging conscience, swears to get rich or die trying in a very corrupt country. The film explores old VS new social values and how they affect todays society.¬†It was a lot of fun recording in Hungary with the Budapest Symphony Orchestra in Hungary. Here is a video from the recordings!¬†[jwplayer config=”George Kallis Settings” mediaid=”1082″]