M Night Shyamalan’s ‘The Visit’

Being a huge fan of M Night Shyamalan’s earlier works I was very excited that music from my Superior Music Audio collection was licensed for the trailer of his new horror ‘The Visit’.  It’s a track full of musical sound design and provides a chilling soundscapes from the middle until the end of the trailer. Check it out and sleep tight after 930!

[jwplayer mediaid=”2266″]

Orchestral Recordings for romcom ‘All That Jam’

Had a great time recording recording a 60 piece orchestral for the romantic comedy ‘All That Jam’. Here’s an excerpt from the raw recordings as they were happening captured on the iPhone! Not bad for a mono sound! 😉

[jwplayer mediaid=”2281″]

‘Heartless’ (TV Series)

The Danish vampire series has been a hit in Scandinavia. It was interesting going back and forth from the year 1666 to our times which enabled me to write both classically and in a contemporary way as well. Here is a quick cue example from the final episode feature world vocals with an electronica base:

[jwplayer mediaid=”2180″]