The Last Warrior: The Root of Evil

This week I will be diving into slavic music and mythology of dragons, wizards, ogres, witches and knights! The Last Warrior: The Root of Evil, by Disney CIS, Yellow Black and White, and prolific director Dmitry Dyachenko! 

New Music for LLA/Universal Music

Really enjoyed working once again with LALELA & STX Music providing an album for UNIVERSAL MUSIC! Now to prepare for some epic action themes for Disney CIS’ ‘The Last Warrior: The Root of Evil”!

Lev Yashin The Dream Goalkeeper Soundtrack Release

Delighted that my score for Lev Yashin The Dream Goalkeeper has been released by Keepmoving Records and Moviescore Media. You can find it in all major digital shops such as below as well as a CD from

Lev Yashin The Dream Goalkeeper

is available on

My Life: Hike to Happiness Emmy nominee

8 years ago I was commissioned to compose the music for the CBBC series My Life, a factual doc program that focuses on children with unique circumstances. So happy that the music still stands strong as it was in 2011. The program’s 2019 Emmy nomination was just announced! Congrats to produced Kez Margie!

Jerry Goldsmith Awards 2019

Great news! The score for Cliffs of Freedom and  our song ‘I’ll Wait for You’ have been nominated in the best score and best song category at the Jerry Goldsmith Awards. The awards will be held in Spain in November 2019!

Cliffs of Freedom

is available on

Living in Bondage

In the process of wrapping up the score for Living in Bondage:Breaking Free for producer Steve Gukas and director Ramsey Noah. Orchestral recordings coming up at the end of October!

Cliffs of Freedom Soundtrack released

The soundtrack for Cliffs of Freedom  (starring Christopher Plummer, Billy Zane) has been released by Aegean Entertainment. I had a lot of fun scoring the film and it features an orchestral/choral score with ethnic instruments from Greece.

Cliffs of Freedom

is available on

Kallis to Score Ulrich Thomsen’s ‘Gutterbee’

From Film Music Reporter: George Kallis has been hired to score the upcoming comedy Gutterbee. The film marks the second directorial effort of Danish actor Ulrich Thomsen and stars Antony Starr, Ewen Bremner, W. Earl Brown, Pia Mechler, Joshua Harto, Clark Middleton, Chance Kelly and Garret Williams. The movie follows two hopeless dreamers in small-town America who want to open the ultimate German sausage restaurant.

Hollywood Gr. Reporter-Kallis in top 5

Hollywood Greek Reporter: George Kallis has worked as a film composer on a number of productions and feature films over the years. In 2018, his work was internationally recognized, winning both the “Breakthrough Composer of the Year” award and “Best Score for a Feature Film” for his work on “Last Knight”. The Greek-Cypriot composer has been racking up prestigious credits in the past year, and you can expect to see his name often in Hollywood credits from here on out.”

Sports Biopic ‘Lev Yashin’

Happy new year everyone! I am happy to be scoring the biopic sports drama ‘Lev Yashin’, which tells the personal story of the superstar goalkeeper. Yashin is the only goalkeeper in the history of football (soccer) to receive the Ballon d’Or award. The score will be a mixture of live orchestra and musical influences from the 50’s and 60’s.

Kallis wins Best Composer for a Feature Film Award!

I am very thankful to own a ‘Jerry’ award for ‘Best Composer for a Feature’ for The Last Warrior! The Jerry Goldsmith Awards gave us all a wonderful night!! The best part made some new and amazingly talented composer friends! The soundtrack can be found below! LINK TO AWARDS LIST

The Last Warrior

is available on