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Movie Music International

It is a score that is overflowing with a powerful and lush musical persona. There is a grandiose feel to it in places almost epic in fact, but through the proud thematic material there are glimpses of intimacy, poignancy and a sense of the personal and melancholy...Recommended.

— Jon Mansell

Movie Music International

it is evident that the composer has an infinite gift for melody and also is able to create sweeping and epic sounding works that not only grace and support each movie he works upon, but also have the ability to stand on their own away from any images that the music was written to enhance and entertain and enthral just as music... I cannot recommend this score enough...

— John Mansell


Driving strings set the pace and rounded sounding brass keep the momentum, whilst percussion adds a pounding and rhythmic underscore to the proceedings…as the grand and driving theme melts away into a more dramatic, apprehensive and mystical sounding piece…returning to a rousing and martial sounding musical persona, which includes flyaway sounding woods that are wispy and filled with energy and give the impression of speed as the theme thunders along...Although I have not seen the movie in its full version, I feel I have via listening to George Kallis’s highly thematic, romantic and commanding score.

— John Mansell


Full of stride, without fear, positive and optimistic; the music has moments when it just takes over and inspires me, make me want to rise from my chair and help the characters. I am just delighted at the end of this album as the standalone listening experience is about as enjoyable and rewarding as it gets for this genre. Do not miss this one.

— Mihnea Manduteanu

Movie Music UK

I could go on and on about this score – the interplay between themes, the outstanding use of all the different part of the orchestra, the different types of voices and choirs – but I think you get my point. This is one of the most enjoyable and entertaining fantasy scores of the year

— Jon Broxton

Soundtrack Dreams

“The Black Prince” is wonder after wonder, gem after gem with me having a hard time choosing my favorite cue from the score or deciding which one is more beautiful. I can listen to this score randomly starting from any point and the sensation wouldn’t change because magic is everywhere.

— Mihnea Manduteanu

Soundtrack Geek

It is a truly exciting fantasy score to listen to in a year that’s not exactly overflowing with them. Even if your expectations are high, I think you won’t be disappointed by this little gem.

— Jørn Tillnes


The score is richly evocative, with a sublime main theme introduced in “Opening Titles” but reprised powerfully in “The Painting” and meeting its most emotive and affecting elegance in “Back to England,” with additional intriguing variations as well, including especially intricate interplay of various themes in “Assassination Attempt” and “The Sword of Maharaja”.

— Randall D. Larson

Movie Wave

Much seems to be packed into the 52-minute running time and the highlights are really great – by the time you arrive at the rich and moving finale “A Wonderful Place of Nature”, it feels like it’s been quite a ride (and in fact, there are still two pieces left).  Recommended.

— James Southall

Review Graveyard

Pretty much, from start to finish, this is a flawless, beautiful album that never disappoints.

— Darren Rea


93 DAYS is a powerful score, possessing a compelling melodic and harmonic structure, set against a growing biological threat, which breathes life and soul into a drama of powerful reality.

— Randall D. Larson


George Kallis has a unique sound of his own and it’s great to hear something this fresh in the current climate of electronic sound design.

— Steven Sharratt

Movie Music UK

“Levity” and “Cosmos” are gorgeous, balletic pieces with an angelic chorus, serene, wonder-filled depictions of the awe Gagarin must have felt at beholding the Earth for the first time.

— Jonathan Broxton


Music is one of Anti-Social’s strengths, with Traviss’ long-term collaborator George Kallis behind the score...This cacophony of sounds rams you head first into the brothers’ chaotic world, fully immersing you into the story in the first few shots.

— Jim Johnston

BSO SPIRIT exciting modern large orchestral film score!

— BSOSpirit