Interactive Videos with HALO!

January 2012: Happy New Year Everyone! George is currently working on two exciting interactive videos with award-winning animation company HALO!

‘Brotherhood’ wins

October 2011: A few months ago George scored a short film called ‘Brotherhood’ directed by Matt Taabu. The film is currently circulating on the international festival circuit and has already been awarded two awards. It won the Yorkshire award at the Hull International Short Film Festival (Glimmer 2011), where the the jury gave George’s score a special mention. “with a wonderful soundtrack that complimented the film”.


Music for ‘Pot Noodles’

October 2011: George joined forces with the Mavericks’ team to bring the new POT NOODLES digital campaign to life. Hillarious videos to say the least!

Music and Audio for ‘Dry Run’

September 2011:The movie Dry Run starring Diora Baird and Max Ryan had major recuts since George scored it and the production team have returned to Cinematic Soundscapes for both music and sound supervision. Delighted that we are polishing up the audio of this fantastic  road trip thriller.

‘Earth’s Treasure’ Spots on air

July2011: The Earth’s Treasure Spots I scored for Mcdonald’s last month are currently airing. Amongst the talent in the commercial is character designer Tully Summers (Avatar, Green Lantern, Tron).

Music Score for ‘SCREWED’

APRIL 2011: I am delighted to be working with Reg Traviss again on the score for his latest feature. Screwed is a prison film based on the autobiographical book with the same title by Ronnie Thompson who is also producing. Composing an orchestral and percussive score mixed with sound-design elements. The movie will be out in theatres in the UK in June by Lionsgate.

‘Fly By Night’ for Citizen Skull

August 2010: I’ve been scoring some film-noir influenced music for a fab pilot called Fly By Night, a dark animated series about murder and kidnap in a bug world! Amazing concept, and real fun. The program is being showcased in Cannes in September.

Scoring ‘Best’

August 2010: in August I will be scoring Best, a short film based on the legendary player George Best, directed by Stephen Spencer and produced by the UK Film Council.

Music for ‘A Piece of Secret’

August2010: I wrote some music for the extremely talented new film maker EMI for her short A Piece of Secret, inspired by the short story “A BIRD” by Naoko Awa.

High Impact Music Library

July2010: After months of contemplating, I’ve decided to start work on the Cinematic Soundscapes high impact music production library. I am really excited about it as this will give me the opportunity to compose music which will be usable for both films and TV but also act as personal soundtrack album.

Two Shorts for Zeitgeist Industries

June2010: I managed to sneak in two short films for Zeitgeist Industries – Gold Hill (Virgin Media Shorts) and Taxi Rider, which will be shown on festivals world wide.

Music for the ‘Red Kite Project’

May 2010: I was delighted to compose the music for the feature length documentary The Red Kite Project, directed by Emmy awarded filmmaker Kerry Shaw Brown. It follows the efforts of Jacqueline Russell and Chicago Children’s Theatre to create a theatre initiative for children with autism.