Music for Lalela

11493962-wwwvtowncartelmusiccomAug:16 Taking a brief break from films to compose some epic trailer music for Lalela Music!

Score for ‘And Then There Was Light’

andthenthere was lightJuly 2016: I am re-joining the Sweet Tomato Films team in their new film ‘And Then There Was Light’, a wonderful movie based on the true story of a girl who loses her eye sight after a tragic horse riding accident. She finds comfort in Apple, a miniature horse who will be her companion and surrogate eyes. Stars the great Burt Reynolds!

Score for Behind the Walls

behindthewalls2June 2016: I am delighted to have teamed up with director team Jon and James Kondelik to score their supernatural horror Behind The Walls. Loads of fun musical sound-design and some live orchestral sessions!

Score for Albion: The Enchanted Stallion

UntitledApril2016: I’ve just started work on Albion The Enchated Stallion, a fantastic family adventure film starring John Cleese, Jennifer Morrison, Debra Messing and Stephen Dorff! Orchestral recordings early May!

HEARTLESS – Mini soundtrack release

HeartlessMarch 2016: Heartless, the vampire mini series from Denmark is available in the UK on Channel 4 online and soon coming to a major platform in the US. To celebrate we released three tracks from the original score I composed which are available on all digital media music stores – a mixture of world vocals, solo violin and orchestral sound design: iTunes, Spotify, Amazon.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport for Australia

Jan2016: George composed the music for Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Campaign in Australia. Here is the TV spot!


Recording the score for ‘The Black Prince’

Dec2015: George had a great time conducting the amazing musicians of the Budapest State Opera Orchestra for the score of the period drama ‘The Black Prince’! here is an iphone video from the recordings of the love theme.

Behind the Mirror – Trailer

Oct2015: Behind the Mirror’s trailer is ready and features music from Superior Music Audio!

Recording World Vocals

Sep2015: George had an amazing time recording world vocals with virtuoso singer Sartaaj for the score of the historical drama ‘The Black Prince’.

The Visit – Music from Superior Music Audio

Sep15: The track ‘Day Dreaming’ from George’s trailer music house Superior Music Audio was licensed  for M Night’s Shaymalan ‘The Visit’!

Score for ‘The Black Prince’

black princeSep2015: George will be scoring the historical drama ‘The Black Prince’ about the last Maharaja of the Sikh Empire, Maharaja Duleep Singh.  Directed by Kavi Raj, the story describes a man who was displaced from his royal future in India and taken to the ‘alien’ culture of Victorian England. He was diverted into a life of indulgence and excess until his rebel spirit was finally released posing a threat to the stability of British colonial interests although throughout the time had a devoted personal attachment to the Queen and the Prince of Wales.